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Sesión online: Innovation is essential, every day

Sesión en streaming del jueves 23 de abril con Alfons Cornella para hablar sobre el gran reto de innovar en el día a día.

Compreender a Nova China

Esta iniciativa antecipa a conferência de Alfons Cornella sobre o mesmo tema programada para o dia 21 Outubro deste ano, em Vila Real, numa organização conjunta com a Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto-Douro com o apoio da Fundação Millenium BCP.

Opportunities in industrial entrepreneurship.

¿Cuáles con los ingredientes que pueden crear un ecosistema que genera emprendeduría industrial? Alfons Cornella i Xavier Ferràs.

Innovation is essential. Transformation is a need

In the VERNE® model, the innovation process is structured around the systematic detection of problems and opportunities within the organisation’s business model.

Taller: Cómo innovar sin ser Google

Taller para aprender lo más relevante sobre innovación en 4 horas impartido por Alfons Cornella.
Fecha prevista: junio.

Throughout all these years, we have developed some projects involving high-performing teams of scientists, artists, athletes and even children. Every project ends up as a unique result, built from a taylor-made approach, that challenges our team to overcome any eventual mental barriers and pushes it to explore broad new perspectives.

The TusStar & Institute of Next’s Agreement

On 26th of February 2019, Kimi Chen from TusStar Barcelona and Mònica Alonso from The Institute of Next signed an agreement between the to companies to built bridges between this two innovation ecosystem.

Enjoy Quantum Business!

The Institute of Next, in collaboration with the Barcelona Contemporary Culture Centre (CCCB), invited restless professionals
from different fields to reflect on how quantum will impact on their business models.

Rethinking Care for a 100-year life.

Alfons Cornella (Institute of Next) and Lekshmy Parameswaran (The Care Lab) debated about the urgent responsibility to apply our skills and capabilities to contribute to address these social issues.