The new business operating system

People, markets and societies are changing at a dramatic speed. If you don’t adapt to generate new value for them, by starting to work within a 10-year vision, you may not even exist on 5 years.

Institute of Next helps you to mobilize your best people to spearheading a transformation within your own organization.

This is our proposal to help you do it.

Our model for transformation explained in10 pages

A summary about the imminent future

See what’s coming in 2030

Our Methods

Methods that go from discovering what lies ahead (Radical), to opening your people to the new business operating System (Next), and to training your teams to be self-directed when engaging into innovation on the business value model (Verne). 

Besides, a program to connect innovation teams from different companies (co-society), as well as unique projects that involve high-performing teams (Singulars).

Finally, our founder (Alfons Cornella) acts as a frequent keynote speaker to contribute to shake your people according to your organization’s needs.

Our 100 Innovations Tools

We have developed some 100 innovation tools as well as a specific software, to help manage innovation projects in your organization.

We even design and develop bespoke tools according to the needs of your innovation situation.

We have also published our Innovation Manual (Manual de innovación) covering what we have learned about innovation in more than 120 projects along 25 years.

We have designed 100 tools to generate a learning by doing experience.

We have created the application guide to facilitate the transfer of the method to innovation teams.

The last challenge has been to capture the learnings of 25 years of our innovation provision for companies across many industries.

Our team

In 1995, Alfons Cornella launched EXTRANET, the first innovation newsletter in Spanish.


In 2000, he founded INFONOMIA, an innovation consulting firm based in Barcelona. Throughout these years, we have had a team of highly qualified and restless people.


We’ve been devoted to developing innovation culture in the marketplace by producing hundreds of articles, books and videos, as well as dozens of events.

In 2013, Mònica Alonso joined Infonomia as partner and CEO.


We focus on providing transformation and innovation models for our clients. We’ve been devoted to developing innovation culture in the marketplace we believe in the energy of people to change companies.


For this reason, in 2016 launched Institute of Next, by Infonomia

Institute of Next has a core team of seniors, and an ecosystem of experts and partners that combines a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise, in order to effectively adapt to the needs of any client and to provide the best results.


We work with companies across different industries to turn ideas into value.


We help you make transformation and innovation happen, by inspiring, building, training and coaching successful intra-entrepreneur teams.

Alfons Cornella
Co-Founder Institute of Next
Query-oriented, learning lover, people-dynamizer. He personally transmit his ideas and experiencies about 10.000 people annually.
Mònica Alonso
Co-founder Institute of Next
Creative, catalyst, collaborative. She is an agile learner-by-doing, and she does so as a partner in 5 startups: Urbiotica, Social Car, Goodgut, Newborn Solutions, Made of Genes.
Core Team
Passionate, trustworthy, specialized.
We boast a team of 14 senior professionals who work on our projects. This team is made up of catalysts, data scientists, competitive intelligence experts, art directors, copywriters, computer technicians, organizational psychology experts & anthropologists.

Our Innovation space

We offer you more than 400 m2 for you to innovate, create and dare shape ideas. We offer you the most up-to-date tools and methodologies to define the new business opportunities of the future.

The place to inspire, ask the right questions and rethink yourself and your business. Institute of Next offers you a singular space and a new environment to inspire you.

Wide space and full equipment
Thinkering and 3D Workshop
Inspiring, building, training and transforming successful teams

Our prototyping lab

We love drawing, tinkering and making prototypes.


We aim to visualize the value as soon as possible, include the user in the value equation and decide beforehand whether it is worth investing in a prototype in order to learn more. We foster teams to come up with new ideas that the user can turn into tangible value proposals; and we encourage them to do it with their own hands.


At the Institute of Next we believe in digital fabrication, and we want to show you that it’s possible to make your own prototypes, and even your own furniture. We learn so much by making new things! These are our own prototypes, the result of digital fabrication. We hope you like them.

3D Prototyping
Digital Fabrication Process of our library
Next Chair Design. Open source document.

More than 20 years

Throughout these 20 years dedicated to innovation, we have helped many companies to change and innovate, and we expect to live more spectacular changes in the next 20 years. Are you ready for the next move?