Do you want to get news skills about what’s next?

We are strong believers in finding better ways to learn about the newest ideas and methods, and we think that the best way to do it is through learning by doing.

Besides, we want to help you understand the new education paradigms and to contribute to make them a reality.

We offer you more than 400 m 2 with the most up-to-date and hands-on tools and methodologies, to help you innovate, create and dare to shape ideas, and to define your future business opportunities.

We offer you the way to learn and develop new skills.

Learn about innovation

Innovation 101

In this seminar, you will get the fundamentals of innovation. After it, every attendee will have a good understanding of what innovation is, and how and why to innovate. The seminar will serve as a stimulus to learn more and better understand why your company needs to innovate.

  • 8 hours to complete the full contents

Innovation (advanced)

This immersion program requires a group of energized and willing professionals, best if coming from different companies. This program will make them realize why and how companies should incorporate innovation as a critical strategy to cope with the coming “twists” of disruption in most industries.

  • 16 hours to complete the full contents

Innovation on Innovation

How will organizations innovate in the next years? What is going to be the role of startups, intrapreneurs, machine learning, advanced analytics, complexity management, and the mash-up of human and artificial intelligences in the design of new ideas and products? An open program to learn about “innovation
on innovation”.

  • 5 hours to complete the full contents

Learn about disrupting technologies

In order to innovate, we need to understand emerging technologies. For instance, neural networks will allow us to understand artificial intelligence. We also need to understand disintermediation through blockchain, as well as quantum computing and the exponential increase of data processing.

These workshops are designed for teams that want to understand how these new technologies will impact their business models.

Neural Networks

A hands-on workshop to understand how a neural network works without actually using any technology. Every participant act as a “neuron” of a network, and the collective work demonstrates that the result of the network as a whole is much better that the individual results. A fun and eye-opening way to get into the basics of artificial intelligence. No previous knowledge or skill needed.


A hands-on workshop to understand the basics behind a blockchain system of transactions, but without actually using any technology. The participants organize themselves into transaction nodes, ledgers and the sort, in order to securely communicate transactions, therefore simulating in an analogical way how a blockchain (and bitcoin-like currencies) works. A simple way to get into the basics of modern cryptograhy. No previous knowledge or skills needed.

Quantum for Business

A hands-on workshop to understand the basics behind quantum technologies for business, and of quantum computing in particular. Simple explanations of quantum concepts such as the uncertainty principle, the tunnel effect, and entanglement, needed to fully understand what a qubit is and how this technology will dramatically change the way we can compute things that are completely incomputable today. A simple way to get into the basics of the second quantum revolution. No previous knowledge or skills needed.

We offer more than 20 innovation & tech workshops.