Do you have the right space-time tools to bring change?

We have designed this space for you. An innovative transformation of your business model can’t happen without the right space, time and tools.

After more than 20 years fostering innovation in organizations, the Institute of Next offers you a plug-and-play creativity space-time, where your teams could speed-up the desired transformation by efficiently using the right tools and methods.

The space to make you ask the relevant questions

We offer you more than 400 m2 for you to innovate, create and dare shape ideas. We offer you the most up-to-date tools and methodologies to define the new business opportunities of the future.

The place to inspire, ask the right questions and rethink yourself and your business. Institute of Next offers you a singular space and a new environment to inspire you.

Wide space and full equipment
Thinkering and 3D Workshop
Inspiring, building, training and transforming successful teams

We have the tools

We have designed more than 100 tools and a software to make innovation happen. 100 innovation tools to turn your ideas into reality and get familiar with new methodologies for innovation.

It’s time to speed up the prototypes and make new the ways of change of your business. 

We have designed 100 tools to generate a learning by doing experience.
We have designed our own software to manage innovation projects with our clients.
We have created the application guide to facilitate the transfer of the method to innovation teams.

We believe in prototyping

We love drawing, tinkering and making prototypes.


We aim to visualize the value as soon as possible, include the user in the value equation and decide beforehand whether it is worth investing in a prototype in order to learn more. We foster teams to come up with new ideas that the user can turn into tangible value proposals; and we encourage them to do it with their own hands.

At the Institute of Next we believe in digital fabrication, and we want to show you that it’s possible to make your own prototypes, and even your own furniture. We learn so much by making new things! These are our own prototypes, the result of digital fabrication. We hope you like them.

3D Prototyping
Digital Fabrication Process of our library
Next Chair Design. Open source document.

We believe in Barcelona

We are based in Poble Nou, the innovation district of Barcelona. And this is our vision of the city:

Barcelona is FUTURE

7 universities with more than
150.000 students
First-class business schools
A networks of leading-edge
research centers
An ecosystem of 4.000 startups

Barcelona is EXCHANGE

A world-class airport&harbour
Headquaters of international companies
Capital of worl-class events
Thousands of SME’s in many industries
Art, Music&Sports capital
Attracting 8 million people a year

Barcelona takes CARE of you

First-class hospitals
Thousands of restaurants,
about 30 with Michelin stars
40 Markets and thousand of
friendly shops
Mediterranean healthy local food