TusStar lands in Barcelona

TusStar lands in Barcelona

Han Wei, Vice General Manager of TusStar Incubator and Chairman and General Manager of TusStar Incubator Shangai, introduced last 26th of February in ACCELERATED INNOVATION IN CHINA session, the launch of Barcelona TusStar office and the agreement with the Institute of Next to land in the city.

Tus-Holding Co. Ltd is a large integrated enterprise established on July 2000 in reliance on Tsinghua University. It takes full responsibility for developing, constructing, operating and managing the Tsinghua University Science Park (TusPark) Development Center, set up on August 1994.

It is also one of the first National Demonstration Enterprises in the modern service industry. Tus-Holding’s radial network covers more than 50 cities and regions and has established international base groups for incubation networks in the US, Hong Kong, South Korea and Russia, among others, becoming a new force of China’s innovation system.

According to China’s innovation-driven development strategy, Tus-Holdings actively serves the Chinese society as it is “committed to becoming a Chinese leader and a global model in the technological service industry”. Tus-Holdings works with the already formed service platform of technological innovation and entrepreneurship, science park and new urbanization construction platform as well as the financial asset management platform.

The company has gradually built a multidimensional business structure that covers education, media and hotels, with Tus-S&T, TusPark, TusStar,Tus-Digital and TusFinancial at its core. Tus-Holdings has now become a vital force in China’s new urbanization progress and is a comprehensively experienced technological service provider, showing great wisdom and integrated business capabilities.

With more than two decades of history, Tus-Holdings has accumulated a wealth of experience in the development and operation of university science parks and has established a high-caliber management team.

The Company actively promotes the organic interaction between innovative resources and the regional economy and has successfully built up a nationwide innovation system with more than 300 innovation bases.

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